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Virtual Assistant


I became a full-time small business in 2021, and I haven’t looked back since. I support small and growing Therapy practices by offering them everything they need to succeed! Most of my clients are located on the west coast of the United states, including Hawaii and Alaska, but I also have some central and east coast clients. Get in touch to find out how I can help you today.

Sunset and Palm Trees


What You Need. When You Need It.


Your success is my success, so I will do everything I possibly can to support the growth of your company. Many providers struggle with insurance issues they encounter when it comes to denied claims. Long hold times take your time away from the most important part of your job!

Hand this over to me to ensure you get paid and you have more time for your patients.

  • Prior authorizations/renewals

  • VA claim issues

  • Medicare/Medicaid 

virtual assistant desk
Web Design



Wanting to look more professional, or provide your patients with resources to aid in their success? I've got you covered! I do fully custom WIX websites.


Are you lost in how to begin? Or have you gone through it already and don't want to do it again but it needs to get done someway or another.

Hand it over and let me get this started for you.

No application fees.

cell phone


Too busy to return all your phone calls, and tired of taking the extra time at the end of your day to do them? Maybe you're overwhelmed with oodles of email inquiries from but you don't want people to feel ignored in their time of need and you want to help them find help even if it can't be you right now. 

Maybe it's time for a virtual assistant!

  • Email management

  • Virtual receptionist

  • Scheduling

  • Eligibility & Benefits checks

  • intake forms/documents

**NOTICE - We are unable to offer live phone answering services. This is mainly due to our client load. Generally a virtual assistant cannot be made available to answer incoming calls when we have other clients to manage. We also want to keep our prices reasonable! If a VA needs to answer live calls they will need to be available for a full day's work (8 hours) which would make monthly prices go up like a regular employee in office. We strive to return phone calls same day, or within 24 hours.

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